20 prolific artists from the Netherlands
present their work at our 10 years anniversary show during Art Week Miami and beyond!

We celebrate 10 years Urban Art Festival

Urban Art Now presents the Urban Art Festival Amsterdam 2020 in its 10th anniversary edition in partnership with the Wynwood Mural Festival, a hybrid event both live and digitally in an immersive 360 VR exhibition platform during Art Week Miami, open from the 3rd until the end of December 2020

Art Week Miami

Wynwood Mural Fest - Recap

From Amsterdam to Miami!

Since 2010 we invite 40+ local and international artists yearly to our festival group show. This year we bring  some of the best Dutch artists to you, wherever you are! 

Starting at Art Week Miami, we launched our Corona-proof online platform together with our friends and partners of Wynwood Mural Fest. 

The Dutch Urban Art group show and digital Urban Art Festival programming are official part of this great event hosted in Miami and made accessible world-wide! A true hybrid production and international collaboration in times of crisis. Something we are a bit proud of!

Urban Art Festival Amsterdam - Recap

Dutch Urban Art

As the focal event of the festival, Urban Art NOW presents the “Dutch Urban Art”; a thoroughly curated group exhibition of the most sought-after urban contemporary artists based in the Netherlands.

A potpourri of styles ranging from classical stencil creations, illustrations, and classical paintings to abstract masterpieces depicted by talented prodigies raised on the streets, whom have taken the art world by storm.

These artists are considered pioneers, tastemakers, innovators and together they spearhead Dutch street art in the international arena.

Digital Art Revolution

Due to the global pandemic, the festival is organised both on location in Wynwood, a neighbourhood renowned for its art & culture, as well as online on an immersive VR exhibition platform.

Join our immersive 360 VR walk-through platform, an extensive 3D rendered exhibition space

  • Dutch Urban Art & 11 other top-notch exhibitions
  • Fast and smooth on your laptop & mobile phone
  • Buy original artwork and limited edition prints
Urban Art Now - Wynwoood Mural Fest


Urban Art NOW
Ard Doko
Beyond - Urban Art Now
Bierenbrood - Urban Art Now
Colling van der Sluijs - Urban Art Now
Collin van der Sluijs
Davor Smoljan - Urban Art Now
Davor Smoljan
Does - Urban Art Festival
Fake - Urban Art Now
Hugo DHM Mulder - Urban Art Now
Hugo DHM Mulder
Judith de Leeuw
Judith de Leeuw
Klaas Lageweg - Urban Art Now
Klaas Lageweg
Marcus Gomad Debie
Mick La Rock  - Urban Art Now
Mick La Rock
Mr June  - Urban Art Now
Mr June
Ottograph - Urban Art Now
Ox Alien - Urban Art Now
Ox Alien
Pipsqueak Was Here - Urban Art Now
Pipsqueak Was Here
Said Kinos - Urban Art Now
Said Kinos
Studio Giftig  - Urban Art Now
Studio Giftig
The London Police - Urban Art Now
The London Police
Tymon de Laat - Urban Art Now
Tymon de Laat

Miami Culture Brunch

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Miami Culture Brunch // "COVID Chronicles"
In this 2 part series, a virtual panel discussion of leading art and culture organizers, we analyze success and failure within a year of change and discuss what 2021 can bring for the public art movement.

Bjorn van Poucke, The Chrystalship Festival
Tina Ziegler, Moniker Art Fair
Yasha Young, Yasha Young Projects

Tune in for a virtual culture chat with The RAW Project (Miami) + Paint the City Peaceful (LA), two non-profit organizations utilizing public art as a tool to engage and improve communities.

Robert De Los Rios, The RAW Project 
Lee Stapleton, Paint the City Peaceful

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